1. Where can I get my TAP and SCP account number?

Member may obtain their account number by contacting TAP Call Centre 2382929 during working hours or via ‘Contact Us’.

2. Where can I get my TAP and SCP statement account?

Member's Account Statements can be obtained from e-Amanah online service via or by using TAP's e-Info Kiosk.

3.​ The mandatory retirement age is 60 years and TAP is only mandatory until the age of 55 years. What about the remaining five (5) years?

TAP contribution is no longer mandatory after the age of 55. However, employers and employees are still required to pay their SCP contributions until employee attains 60 years old.


4. What if I can only pay voluntary contribution this month, but not next month?
As it is on voluntary basis, you may contribute voluntarily without limit to the amount and frequency.


5. If one does not work, can he register and open a TAP account to pay voluntary contributions

TAP Account will be opened for an employee upon first time employment in a formal sector. Hence, individuals who are not working under an employer will not able to join TAP scheme. However, if the individuals are self-employed, they are advised to join SCP Self-Employed scheme.

6. Can housing withdrawal be made for the purpose of expanding or renovation of the house?

No. The withdrawal is only for the purpose of buying or building a home or repayment of home loans to banks or Government Housing. Hence, withdrawal for other purposes which include renovation and expansion will not be allowed under this withdrawal scheme.

7. If I already made a withdrawal at the age of 50, can I apply for a second withdrawal at the age of 52 years?
Withdrawal at the age of 50 can only be made once.