Thursday, 20th September 2018 – The Employees Trust Fund (TAP) in collaboration with Labour Department (Kuala Belait branch) held a joint visit to business premises around Kuala Belait.  

The purposes of the visit are to ensure employers have undertaken their responsibility to register and contribute their local employees to the TAP and SCP schemes inline with the Employee Trust Act (Chapter 167) and Supplemental Contributory Pension Trust Order, 2009 and at the same time ensuring that the law enforced by the Labour Department for local and foreign employees is in line with the Employment Order 2009.

Employee Trust Act (Chapter 167) and Section 29 of Supplemental Contributory Pension Trust Order,

Results from the joint visit are as follows:

  • The Employees Trust Fund (TAP) :

From the visit , TAP inspectors found that from 25 premises visited, 5 employers and 8 local employees have not yet registered to TAP and SCP schemes. 5 employers who failed to present necessary documentations during the visit have been instructed to be present at TAP office for further actions, such as, processing the registration of their employees and to make payment of contribution and arrears, if any.

TAP would like to remind employers on their responsibilities to register and contribute for their employees who are eligible to the TAP and SCP schemes. It is mandatory for employees who are citizens and permanent residents of Brunei Darussalam to be registered and contributing to the TAP and SCP schemes; this includes part-time workers, contract workers, daily-paid workers and workers on probation. Under Section 26 of the Employee Trust Act (Chapter 167), if found guilty, an employer will be fined not more than $3,000.00 for the first offence and not more than $10,000 for second and subsequent offences.

Complaints can be lodged by visiting any of TAP's branches or by calling TAP Call Centre at 2382800 during working hours. Alternatively, e-Amanah users may lodge complaints by logging in to their account via TAP's website at

  • The Labour Enforcement Division, Labour Department:

The Labour Department has found several offences whereby employers failed to provide proper contracts of work to their local employees, misuse of permitted job positions, failure to pay their employees for working overtime, employees working during public holiday were not given double payment of salary and work placement of foreign employees is not in line with the Foreign Worker Licence (LPA).

On this matter, the Labour Department would like to highlight that employers must ensure that the welfare of the employees are well taken care of and the Department will not hesitate to take strict actions against employers who mistreat or do not look after the welfare of their employees.

This is the second joint-visit held for the year 2018 and this cooperation will be continued in the future to ensure the welfare of employees in the country is being taken care of.